Does alternative rock music have a future?

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Does alternative rock music have a future?

We are still at the beginning of new millennia and things never looked so darker, instead of being fresh and armed with positive attitude, everything is sinking down, together with a music we once adored so much. Sales are forgotten, mainstream music is trying to save itself, by becoming more provocative and screaming for attention like raging teenager. More and more bands are trying to find its way towards popularity by promoting their own works on various web pages.

In not so distant past, without record companies, any musician or band couldn’t put their music out there, but today, with the help of affordable studios, freelancers who seek engineering job and social networks as a PR manager, the existence of record companies has become pointless.

We still hear about THE mainstream on Billboard, or on MTV, but that is far away from alternative music that we used to. The general feeling is that this music has been locked away, like some people use St Cloud Locksmith to secure and isolate a room.

green_day_2015_500_323_70_s_c1Where have disappeared all our protestants who fought against injustice and the system? What happened to a Green Day who openly spoke against war, the president and his politics? Ramones wrote song “My brain is hanging upside down” when a Prime Minister visited Germany along with many alternative rock bands who played their music against the system.

Alternative rock has become almost nonexistent; it has turned into something that we call today pop – rock or pop – punk because the bands are convinced they will sell better this way their music.


What is more disappointing, we still have the ability to speak against injustice, but men and women who are currently at our musical scene, decide to play safe and turned to gaining a profit. Everything has become similar like we have one song and million variations of it. Musicians should be representative of the mass, it doesn’t matter If mass doesn’t agree with you on some matters, but they will still respect you because you had your point of view.

indexThe truth is that alternative rock music has a very dark future unless something changes, but how things are now, the bands who used to be alternative are battling for profit and for the first places on the charts. Those are not artists that we grew up with and had one of our best memories with them. We fall in love with them because of their integrity, freedom of speech and strength they had to stand up almost to anyone.

This may be the last chance to save alternative rock, if there is still something out there to be saved. By supporting them on their shows, tell them that you like their music, encourage them to continue with their work. Maybe, just maybe in this way, there is still hope for alternative rock and for those musicians who will once again give their voice to the people and be on their side in this fight.